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Jacksonville Crime Map And Stats

We all believe our neighborhood is a safe and secure neighborhood, but how will yours compare with the greater city? Check out the following Jacksonville crime map and see how your street compares. Then get some methods to make your house and neighborhood more safe and secure.

Jacksonville Crime Map

The Jacksonville Crime Map provides a summary of reported incidents in the city. Brighter areas show a greater concentration of events in relation to the surrounding area. Zoom in and out by using the - and +, respectively.

Five Ways You Can Help Keep Your Community Safe

If you need to hinder crime, there's a few easy things you might do regarding your street’s safety. Check out these 5 easy guidelines so you can keep your neighborhood secure and inviting.

Look out for your community: The more you meet your neighbors, the easier it will be to look out for one another. Many communities in Jacksonville have also organized a formal neighborhood watch.

Invest in a security system: If a thief trips an alarm system, it may dissuade them from casing around that same street for a while. Your outside cameras might also catch people running through your front yard when escaping from your neighbor's house.

Keep items away from the window in your vehicle: Storing your wallet, keys, or smartphone in the car can instigate a vehicular break-in. Always remember to carry in expensive items or leave them out of sight in a glove compartment or trunk.

Put up motion lighting: Light is an intruder’s worst nightmare. By putting up motion-activated lights over shadowed areas or a rear door, you may fend off a break-in before it begins.

Let people know when you’re out of town: Let a neighbor know when you’re going away to visit relatives, and give them a key or door lock code to check-in periodically. Although, keep your vacation plans off social media if at all possible.

Let Secure24 Alarm Systems Help Your Neighborhood Stay Safe

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