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July 05, 2022

Why Install A Smart Thermostat In Jacksonville?

The latest smart thermostats have evolved well past the point of being just a simple dial or switch for adjusting your HVAC system. If you would like to install a smart thermostat in Jacksonville, you stand to get much more comfort with less effort on your part. Equipped with Wi-Fi, sensors for multiple rooms, and the convenience of home automation, these innovative instruments will bring down your energy expenses and make your home truly comfortable and safe.

What Is A Smart Thermostat In Jacksonville?

Once installed, your new smart thermostat will run in a similar manner as your previous model in regards to core functionality. The style might be sleeker, but you’ll still be able to glimpse the temperature display. You’ll still have the chance to increase or decrease the heat and A/C right from the component, and your thermostat will still allow you to switch between heat, cool, and fan.

But, when you install a smart thermostat in Jacksonville, you’ll get a whole host of exciting options. That’s because your home’s comfort control is connected wirelessly to a larger system, like your Google smart speaker or your home’s security system. Using a smart hub or cell phone app, you can prearrange your smart thermostat to adjust your home’s temperature settings in an automated manner at whatever times you choose or to react to input from another device. The bottom line is a house that’s more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Why You Should Install A Smart Thermostat in Jacksonville

There are many reasons to upgrade your standard unit to a smart thermostat:

● Easy control through a smartphone app. Manage the thermostat remotely with a mobile app such as the easy-to-use option from ADT. Are you feeling a bit overheated when you’re attempting to fall asleep? Simply access the app and turn on the air without getting up. You might even inspect your house’s temperature on your beach vacation, and adjust the temp to reduce energy usage when your house is empty.

Take advantage of scheduling. Your smart thermostat gives you the ability to use one or more schedules for your home’s comfort. Set various temperature adjustments to best fit your lifestyle. Reduce the heat for bedtime, then bring it back up about an hour before you wake up. You might even design heating or cooling scenes based on “events” -- for example a scene for entertaining or a scene for when you use the fireplace.

Save energy through home automation. A great benefit of smart thermostats is how they will lower energy expenses. Because you can easily modify temperature settings as needed based on seasonal fluctuations, weather conditions, or time of day. You’ll never throw money away cooling and heating a vacant residence. In addition, by programming schedules, your clever new tool adjusts itself. A range of utility companies are known to extend rebates and savings programs under specified circumstances.

Utilize vocal directives to direct your home. If you choose to install a smart thermostat in Jacksonville, you can also configure it to operate with a Google or Amazon AI assistant. This gives you the ability to adjust the settings without stopping what you’re doing.

Link your thermostat to other home automation items. When your smart thermostat is part of a comprehensive home defense package, you’re able to link all your devices into a unified network. This could help keep your home safe from environmental emergencies. For instance, you can direct your thermostat to engage the ventilation fan when your fire alarm goes off.

Get A Smart Thermostat In Jacksonville Today

If your standard thermostat fails to satisfy your home comfort requirements, it may be time to consider upgrading to a new “smart” model. These wirelessly connected components are streamlined, simple to operate, and offer substantial financial savings over time. You stand to reap the most benefit when you combine it with an advanced residential security installation. Call us today at (904) 297-5779 or complete the form on this page to inquire about your smart thermostat.