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May 02, 2022

Simple Ideas To Use Smart Lighting In Your Jacksonville Home

More than any other household item, light bulbs around your living space are a must-have. However, are you seizing the most from your bulbs? Why not improve how you utilize light by mixing smart lighting technology throughout your Jacksonville home.

What Are Smart Lights In Jacksonville

Let's first establish - what is a smart bulb? These LED light bulbs connect to the internet and allows a user total control over your property’s lighting. All through the help of an mobile app -- like a home security app.

Reduce the brightness of individual bulbs to any percentage without using a dimmer knob, or glance at your phone to see if you accidentally left them on. Have your lights to switch on at a particular time -- like when you wake up in the morning -- and power down on their own when it's bedtime. You can even tweak your lights to automatically create to the current mood, like at 20% during your favorite TV show. You can even connect your smart lights to Google Nest or Alexa or and command your bulbs by your voice.

Smart Lighting Syncs With A Home Security System For The Penultimate Combination

Accessibility is not the only feature of smart lighting, though. Installing smart lights are a powerful way to improve your home security. Brightly lit homes are a [[hindrance|impediment|deterrent] to burglars. Thieves aim to obscure their identity and obscure their presence in the night.

A house equipped with smart lights can be controlled by a Jacksonville automation that’s a function of a a home security system. You can program light patterns that mimic normal activity inside the home, making it look like like the owners are going from one room to another. By having your lights switch on and off around the home, anyone who may be watching your house will think that are in the building and moving around..

Spots To Install Smart Lighting

You don’t need to retrofit your entire interior to use smart lights. In your Jacksonville home, many smart light bulbs are suitable with your standard lamps and fixtures. Start by deciding which spots you would like to make “smart” first and foremost. You do not need to change out every individual light bulb, as It's not an all-or-nothing case. If you are overloaded by the project of smart lighting, then begin slowly and branch out from there.

For the inside rooms of your home, swap out lights in rooms with windows. First, check the lamps and fixtures in the living room, bedroom, or hallway. The goal is to light up a window enough for the brightness to be apparent to people outside the home. Definitely concentrate on shining light onto the front of your doorway as many burglaries happen through the main door.

As for the sides of your residence, change to smart lighting around significant doorways to the house. Think about lights located by all doors, either in the front, side, or back of your home. Don't neglect the lights inside your garage as well. If someone breaks into your living space through the garage, you can switch on that garage light with a click of a button.

Obtain Your Jacksonville Smart Lighting With Your Home Security System

Smart lights are effortless to install and simple to use. With the expertise of a security technician, you can see how to utilize smart light bulbs with your new home security system. Reach us at (904) 297-5779 or submit the form below.